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about us

Social Clothing was created by Cooper Barrett in the wake of the 2016 election. From ideation to creation, Social is run solely by Cooper. After working as an organizer during the presidential election, and wanting to find a creative outlet for his interests, Cooper saw an opportunity to create a sustainable clothing brand with meaning.

Recognizing the effects of oppression and injustice within the fashion industry, Social began
as a chance to create a clothing company that actively learned to do better.

Through up-cycling, sourcing of fair trade and organic materials, and listening to and sharing
the stories of those who have been and continue to be exploited in the pursuit of colonization, Social is meant to create conversations about social issues, and support solutions.

social clothing finds non-profits that are aligned with the stories we tell and the art we create. collaboration is necessary in the world we want to live in. 

for our first two collections we donated 20-40% of profits from our collections to the following nonprofits:


east yard communities for environmental justice - a Los Angeles based non-profit focused on environmental justice for black and brown communities in LA. (collection one - a conversation re: environmental justice, told stories about environmental racism through infrastructure and health policy.) 20% of the collection’s profits were donated to EYCEJ.


solutions not punishment collaborative - an Atlanta based non-profit “working to build a Black Trans Futurist Framework for practical abolition as the way to liberation." (collection two: Social Studies, focused broadly on Black Lives Matter, discussing issues such as health policy, environmental racism, etc. that impact Black lives on a daily basis.)


collection three: Audi Alteram Partem, began a new chapter in our storytelling. we transitioned from primarily hand-painted vintage jackets to our new removable and interchangeable artwork attached to the back of our up-cycled pieces.


while this collection is not connected to a non-profit organization, it has proven a successful test-run for this system which allows increased sustainability for vintage garments that can be updated and customized over time. this creates an opportunity to breath life into clothing time and time again.


our upcoming collection will continue to utilize this interchangeable system, while also donating a portion of profits to a non-profit organization as we have before. 

if there are any organizations you love, let us know. we'd love to love them too. 

Social Clothing is sold exclusively at Social Space in Atlanta, GA.

garment care

we upcycle and rework a wide range of vintage clothing.

sometimes, our upcycling processes create the need for you to love on your piece a little more.

  • for vintage clothing with hand painted artwork directly on the garment, invert the piece, wash your piece by hand or machine wash the garment in cold water, then air dry.

for vintage outerwear or garments with removable artwork attached, simply remove the artwork, wash the garment cold, air dry and reattach the artwork after drying.

for vintage shirts that have no additional artwork directly on the clothing, it is likely safe to wash as you would your other clothes, if the garment still has its original tag you may follow the instructions as described, but we always recommend washing your clothes cold and using little to no heat to dry them as the most environmentally sustainable option.